I have Freya with an encrypted partition and decided to try Veracrypt. It created a partition I'll named like /dev/mnt/veracrypt7. After fiddling with the app, I gave up thinking I'm already well served with my encrypted partition.

I tried to eject the mounted drive using Freya's file manager, which asked me to force eject, and I accepted. Then I went to veracrypt's windows and saw the volume still there, and could not eject it through it giving a "volume in use" error. The funny thing is, in elementary OS File manager the volume looks ejected, but if I click on it it will mount again without asking for a password. Unable to unmount it, I decided to reboot.

That's when the problem began. I can boot to Freya without a problem until the login screen. There, when I put the password and try to enter, the screen goes black for a second, then back to the login screen. I believe this happens because Pantheon could be trying to mount an inexistent partition, closed due to rebooting.

How could I verify what error is happening during the login? Is there a way to remove any references to the /dev/mnt/veracrypt7 partition so the system cannot try to mount it again?

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You can attempt to diagnose and fix the issue from another "virtual terminal".

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to drop to TTY1.
  2. Enter you username, press Enter, then your password, then Enter to log in.
  3. Type cat .xsession-errors to view the contents of the .xsession-errors file.

Hopefully an error in there will help you diagnose the issue!

  • Thanks for the help, this enabled me to remove the disk from booting. However, it turns out that the encrypted swap partition got corrupted somehow so I had to reinstall everything... But thanks for the help again, I appreciate it. Jun 16, 2016 at 12:49

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