I'm using a clean install of Freya (made about a month ago), and suddenly Software Updater started including all these language packs. enter image description here

I had the same issue with a previous install of Freya; it just looks like, after a while, elementary just decides to start installing all these language packs.

By the way, the only language I have installed is english (the default one) and I'm using an Italian keyboard, as you can see above.

EDIT - after using sudo apt-get remove firefox-locale-* it seems for now that elementary has stopped trying to install those packages. Of course, this removes every language pack in Firefox, which I however didn't have to begin with.

  • I too have noted all the firefox language packs on a new Eos install. For the funny part, Firefox is not (yet) installed. I suspect a few cleanable strings in the installer configuration.
    – tuk0z
    Commented Jun 21, 2016 at 1:05

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The poster found a solution:

sudo apt remove firefox-locale-*

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