I'm a very new, basic Linux user and was trying to get my Xbox One controller to work with my pc and Elementary OS setup. I want to specifically use it for game emulation (RetroArch). I can't seem to get the device to communicate with my pc using Elementary. I try both plugging into usb port, and bluetooth and neither seem to work. I've tried downloading xdrv through the terminal but it doesn't seem to want to download. I think I may be missing the requisite drivers for this to happen, but maybe it's something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have a same trouble. You don't note what kind of OS you use (Freya, Loki or something else). But you have to know there is no support for the xbox-one gamepad in ubuntu-based OS with kernel earlier than 4.5. I have install kernel 4.8.5 (following this howto) and it's start working but only in Steam (Big Picture). My question is here. Please, try to get the kernel later than 4.5 and wright about the result.


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