I would like to rename a number of files in one operation, but it does not appear that pantheon-files supports this feature.


Pantheon-files does not currently support bulk renaming, however this feature is on the wishlist.

  • I'm currently on Pop!_Os and planning to move to elementary OS once Juno is released. I installed the beta release on another machine to test it from time to time. Bulk renaming is one of the features is miss the most.
    – wout
    Aug 27 '18 at 16:13

You could do that by integrating into Pantheon Files' context menu an option to use the bulk-rename tool of Thunar file manager, which has many other options than by just one rename-pattern.

sudo apt-get install thunar

Then, using gedit as text editor:

gedit ~/.local/share/contractor/rename-bulk.contract


[Contractor Entry]
Name=Rename file(s) in Thunar
Exec=thunar -B %U

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