I use geary 0.10 - working correctly - for 4 accounts

after update on Geary 0.11 - working only the first account - others are visible, indicate a new messages, but can't open it, read, resend or create new

for now, I downgrade on Geary 0.10

Have You got any idea for solution? Thank You, Sonny


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you upgraded the version geary with a PPA right? If that is the case you just need install ppa-purge, is an utility that remove a ppa and revert the changes that the ppa made to the system

  • first, install ppa-purge with this command

    sudo apt install ppa-purge

  • after, use ppa-purge to remove the ppa of geary 0.11 (I'm using the PPA that is shown in all the webs with the note of geary update for this example, please check if is the same that you used), this is the command.

    sudo ppa-purge ppa:geary-team/releases

just wait until the process end and your geary would be the default of elementary.

  • Alexander, thanks but doesn't work. I use Loki, and Geary 0.11 working perfectly.
    – sonny
    Commented Jun 27, 2016 at 8:35

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