I used the following commands to try and upgrade to Freya. "sudo apt-get update" - no problem "sudo apt-get upgrade" - no problem "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" - what? nothing available ? From such a class act as Elementary, I expected better.
I even went as far as going into the GUI and using software updater. I found the same result, no upgrade available.

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There isn't currently a way to upgrade from one release of elementary OS to another. From the release announcement:

elementary OS Luna users should back up their data and perform a clean install.

Upgrading to elementary OS Loki will probably require a clean install as well. Upgrade support is planned for a future version of elementary OS, though.


What makes the switch from luna -> freya or now freya -> loki a little bit more comfortable is to use Aptik Migration Utility

EDIT : It seems it now exists only in a paid version.

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