I'm trying to upgrade to Freya from Luna and I need to create a bootable usb drive.

Ubuntu has Startup Disk Creator, what does elementary OS have?


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You have Startup Disk Creator as in Ubuntu you can install it from the AppCenter or via the command line:

sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk

Use AppCentre to install the "Disks" application, it will do the job and is useful for other things too. Start it, carefully select the USB drive from the list on the left, then use the menu top right to select "Restore Disk Image" and choose your iso file. It works fine on Ubuntu MATE, but I haven't tried it on ElementaryOS.


Since elementary is derivative of ubuntu , start up disk creator would work just fine , or you can use unetbootin as well.


Use Image Burner in the App Center or Etcher. Both are easy to use and reliable.

enter image description here

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