In Ubuntu and Mint, I can tweak the default inactive time before the screen turns off and my computer is locked. How do i change the default time of inactivity after which the screen gets locked?

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Open system settings > power There you can find everything about turning off the screen, adjusting sleep mode, ect.

  1. Install dconf-editor with sudo apt install dconf-editor in a terminal.
  2. Navigate to org/gnome/settings-daemon/plugins/power using the panel on the left.
  3. There are four entries that are of interest to you - sleep-inactive-ac-timeout, sleep-inactive-ac-type, sleep-inactive-battery-timeout, sleep-inactive-battery-type. The ac and battery refers to behaviour when a laptop is plugged in or on battery (if desktop, I assume the ac would apply). If you click one of the type options the drop-down menu will display the possible actions - you'll want suspend I think.
  4. The timeout option is how long a period of inactivity (in seconds) is required before the action is carried out. Simply click on the number there at present (probably 0), and replace with the desired value.

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