Does anyone know how to make the mouse scrollwheel go faster?

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Adjust scroll speed

This is based directly on an answer to a similar question on AskUbuntu by user stvn66. I have tested it under elementary OS 0.4 Loki.

Unfortunately there is no simple setting to adjust scrolling speed right now, which seems to be a problem for many Linux based operating systems, not only elementary OS.

Currently the best option is to install imwheel, for example by typing the following in terminal:

sudo apt-get install imwheel

then create the file ~/.imwheelrc containing:

None,      Up,   Button4, 5
None,      Down, Button5, 5
Control_L, Up,   Control_L|Button4
Control_L, Down, Control_L|Button5
Shift_L,   Up,   Shift_L|Button4
Shift_L,   Down, Shift_L|Button5

where you should try different values for # in the lines 2–3:

None,      Up,   Button4, #
None,      Up,   Button5, #

Then stop and restart imwheel to test the settings by using the commands:

killall imwheel
imwheel -b "4 5"

Please note that at least for me this does increase the scrolling speed of the scroll wheel and the touchpad.

If everything works as expected, you can add this tool to start automatically once you log in. Go to System Settings → Applications → Startup, click the "+" button in the bottom left, type in imwheel -b "4 5" and submit by pressing enter.

  • This is great but horizontal scrolling by holding shift is still slow. How to speed that up @quassy?
    – Rohan
    Commented Oct 6, 2020 at 19:04

Unfortunately there is no setting in elementary OS to adjust this. There is a bug over there at Launchpad. A possible solution could be http://www.webupd8.org/2015/12/how-to-change-mouse-scroll-wheel-speed.html (I have not tried it).

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