When taking a screenshot using prt sc the screenshot is saved to the pictures folder. Instead of saving them in pictures I would like them to be saved to another folder instead.

How can I do this?


I reuse the answer from here, with small changes


  1. Install dconf-editor

  2. Press Super + T and type dconf-editor

  3. Go to org -> gnome -> gnome-screenshot

  4. At "auto-save-directory" type the desired directory in the following format: file:///home/user/Desktop/

    name: auto-save-directory, value: file:///full/path/

    A tip for anyone who is using the configuration editor in unity: click on the arrow to the left the org text to expand it.

Via Terminal

Simply run this command, replacing the path with your preferred directory.

gsettings set org.gnome.gnome-screenshot auto-save-directory "file:///home/$USER/Downloads/"

Here's how I managed to get screenshots (taken with the Print key) stored in the Downloads folder. Bit of a cheat but works. elementary OS 5.1 Hera.

$ cd ~/Pictures
$ rmdir Screenshots
$ ln -s ~/Downloads Screenshots

Please not that with the next release of Gala screenshots will be stored in a ~/Pictures/Screenshots/ folder.
Gala is elementary OS's window manager and the thing that's responsible for taking screenshots.
This was fixed in this PR: https://github.com/elementary/gala/pull/459
Currently we're on Gala version 0.3.2.

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