I see that there is built-in support for Wacom, but I wonder if Elementary OS supports tablets for writing (there aren't many distros that I know of support this).

I installed elementary OS for my grandparents, but realized only after that they can't use the tablet input they're used to anymore.

We're Chinese, and to comfortably type in Chinese with a keyboard requires mastery of Pinyin (the Chinese alphabet), which most elderly people struggle with. Thus they need a tablet that converts their strokes to characters and input them in the system.

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Nope, nothing like this is built into elementary OS or Ubuntu. If you'd like to request the feature more prominently, try filing a wishlist request in the bug tracker or creating a developer bounty.

The best handwriting recognition program I found was CellWriter: sudo apt install cellwriter

(You may need to install the universe repo if it isn't already active: sudo add-apt-repository universe.) If you give it a try, let us know how it goes? (Here are some others.)

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