I recall reading somewhere either here or on the elementary OS site that the maximum resolution supported is something like 2560x1600. Is that true, or are higher resolutions supported?

I ask because I've got two monitors, one 2560x1600 and the other 3840×2160. Elementary OS looks great and I'd like to try it.

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Ack! It was a dumb question. It supports pretty much the same resolutions as other distributions. I managed to install and it's running just fine.

I was thrown off by a blog post I read earlier about HiDPI screens and resolutions.


You’ll be disappointed. I have annLG 29” Ultra-Wide, recommended resolution is 2560x1080. Nax res on all Linux I’ve tried it 1920x1080.. done all the CVT, xrandr, add mode crap and won’t take.. waste of time..

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