I have duplicate icons for the calculator, universal access and network icons in the applications menu and system settings windows after performing a software update.

How do I get rid of the duplicates? Is there a way to manually edit the slingshot-launcher database?

  • Do you have added a new ppa?
    – bitseater
    Mar 25 '16 at 11:37
  • Yes I have added PPAs for syncthing, vivaldi-beta, tox and enpass, but this only happened after performing a system software update none of these aforementioned PPAs should have added any of the duplicate icons.
    – Seth
    Mar 25 '16 at 15:52
  • I should clarify that the duplicates only appear when searching the applications menu, as opposed to browsing it. So it must me something with the search database.
    – Seth
    Apr 5 '16 at 20:51
  • I'm also having this issue, but the icons that are showing duplicates in the slingshot search are not in /usr/local/share/applications OR "myuser"/.local/share/applications So any help on this would be appreciated. Oct 2 '16 at 21:07

Got rid of the duplicates by removing the superflous symlinks in /usr/local/share/applications

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