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Before being edited this answer was suggesting that elementary OS does not have a system tray.

I would like to know more about this. What is the difference between this and what I see in other desktops like Xfce etc and why some apps don't show an icon here when they should, while others do.

enter image description here

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That is a System Tray, and the answer you link to is somewhat contradictory.

elementary OS does not have a system tray
Currently (in 0.3 Freya), only the Ayatana Indicator API is respected.

Ayatana Indicators do exist in a system tray in Freya, however they will not in Loki.

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  • This answer is not really accurate. System Tray is the actual user-facing name of the GtkStatusIcon API. The Ayatana Indicator API is never referred to as a "system tray". They are pretty different APIs in terms of the things they allow. – Daniel Foré Apr 13 '16 at 16:14