Samsung R580 Laptop (Intel i5 Quad Core, 2.27 GHz) elementary OS 0.3.2 Freya (64-bit) Single Boot Machine

Recently upgraded (using the Software Updater) to Kernel 3.19.0-51. After upgrade, the laptop will not boot normally. It falls down to a (initramfs) prompt. When I try to go into the recovery mode, I see the following error:

"/dev/mapper/elementary--vg-root does not exist"

Has anybody seen this after an upgrade?

P.S. My old kenel 3.19.0-49 still boots fine, and I can boot into it by using the Grub menus.

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While searching for a solution I saw this post on askubuntu.com.

$vgchange -ay

Allowed me to boot into the system. I did not do any more changes to make this a permanent change while booting up,since an update to my kernel came in today (to 3.19.0-56) and everything works off the bat again!

Elementary OS rocks!

vgchange -ay

also works for me, this is not a permanent solution though.


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