Consider this question on how to change the login picture.

I cannot in fact follow none of the answers posted there.

But even before re-asking a question like "how to change the login image" I would like to know:

Should the login use the desktop picture? Should it change when the desktop one is changed and so be the same? Because in my case it is NOT.

I use to change the desktop wallpaper by going to Settings - Desktop - Wallpaper or just right clicking an image 'Set as desktop background' in Files.

My login screen is (was) this one no matter what desktop wallpaper I selected:

enter image description here

That is, until I followed this answer and now the login image is missing: black.

The folder /usr/share/backgrounds looks like so:

enter image description here

Notice the added images at the end and the symlink that was created following the linked answer.

But they are not accessible from Settings:

enter image description here

I found a fix to the lost login image:

  • Selected one of the default wallpapers that are visible from Settings - Desktop - Wallpaper

  • Then changed desktop wallpaper again: in this way the login has an image: the one before the last change of the desktop image.

In fact it's a bug. Also, has a workaround: here, also here.


Related answer: here.

The answer to my question is YES: the login image should also change just by selecting one of the images in /usr/share/backgrounds from System Settings -Desktop - Wallpaper.

In fact there is a bug where the login picture cannot be changed:




In this case the new images copied into usr/share/backgroounds may not even be seen from System Settings -Desktop - Wallpaper.

To fix this:

  • Open Files as administrator

  • Select the image file in /usr/share/backgrounds and open its Properties (if you want a new one copy it there first)

  • Change permissions to 644

enter image description here

  • Use System Settings -Desktop - Wallpaper as normal