I'm looking at also getting either a MS Surface Pro 3 or a Macbook Air very soon, and installing elementary OS on it when I get it. My decision on which to get actually depends partly on how well the hardware of each is supported; things like the networking card, all keyboard keys, speakers, etc. Also, is the touch-screen well-supported? And how about the 'pen' / stylus?

Also directly related; is there a place where we can see information on how well supported any given device is?


elementary doesn't support or endorse any hardware at this time. There is no official hardware compatibility database.

Specifically regarding touch, elementary OS isn't a tablet OS. Basic pointer-equivalent events should work, but things like multi-touch gestures will not.

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  • Thanks, but this doesn't fully answer my question. Besides the touchscreen (which I understand isn't really supported), I'd like to know if the rest of the hardware will work properly? I guess this may need a SP3 owner to answer.. – Dane Rossenrode Feb 3 '16 at 12:54

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