Apologies beforehand if this is the wrong part of stackexchange to be asking this.

I get an error with installing Pantheon shell on Ubuntu Mini Remix. It says the following after installing Pantheon shell: update-gconf-defaults not found.

I'm not sure how to fix this. If more information is needed, I will need instructions on how to get it.

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The package Pantheon is looking for in that error message is called gconf-defaults-service.

That being said, Pantheon is not supported for Ubuntu nor is there anyone maintaining a working version of it for Ubuntu (unlike Arch Linux). If you simply added an elementary OS PPA to your Ubuntu install, it won't work (or at least not in a sane way). The PPA is not working for Ubuntu as elementary OS ships additional patches in a separate PPA and Pantheon depends on packages from this repository. Nor will anyone fix Ubuntu-specific issues you might encounter.


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