Recently i installed freya. my laptop (Lenovo G50-80) is not charging after 60%. Then i installed windows But in windows working fine without any power management s/w. Then i again install freya (fresh install) But the problem still same.

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Could it be that the battery is crystallized or being damaged. I have seen that even Windows is not able to recognize the current state of a battery, in exchange gnu Linux recognizes when a battery is being damaged by statistics and charts showing the current state of the battery since it was installed ElementaryOS

  • i found solution for this problem. Hardware vendors ship their Li-ion battery with battery firmware.So this is controlled by power management utility. If we usages our laptop with AC adaptor all time. Then battery threshold automatically set to 60% to prevent damage or over charge condition. Battery firmware is only controlled by the power management utility. For more Details you can read from here Battery threshold problem solution – Govind Mar 3 '16 at 5:32

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