As you can see in the picture below, only the H264 codec video shows up its thumbnail, not the HEVC or VP9 (mkv).

How do I see their thumbnails?

enter image description here


This may not be exact solution but a temporary work-around. Working for vp9

If you want to have preview/thumbnails, use nautilus.

sudo apt-get install nautilus 

Recommended reading: Is Nautilus really “not-recommended”?

Install totem and ffmpegthumbnailer

sudo apt-get install totem ffmpegthumbnailer

Now the task is to keep only totem.thumbnailer in /usr/share/thumbnailers/. For this, open terminal and run:

sudo pantheon-files

Click on File system --> usr --> share --> thumbnailers -->

Here keep ONLY totem.thumbnailer, CUT remaining two and place in home folder (your choice).

Close files.

Now clear cache:

rm -rf ~/.thumbnails
mkdir ~/.thumbnails

Now launch nautilus

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