Well, still working on the problem of installing elementary on a Bay Trail machine (32-bit bootloader, 64-bit processor). Unfortunately 0.3.2 doesn't support 32-bit UEFI any more, so I'd like to try with 0.3.1. Is the 0.3.1 ISO still available anywhere?

(Barring that, I'll probably just use Debian with the Pantheon DE...)

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0.3.1 doesn't support 32bit UEFI either. There is an open ticket for supporting 32bit UEFI in the future on Launchpad


you may try this torrent

https://kat.cr/elementary-os-0-3-1-64-bit-t11632101.html or this https://kat.cr/elementary-os-freya-32bit-t10490137.html


Here is how to make bootable installation media to bay trail devices.

Modifying the installation medium to boot on 32-bit UEFI

Yes, some genius came up with the idea to put a 32-bit UEFI on a 64-bit device. The Linux kernel shipped with Ubuntu 14.10 supports mixed-mode, so kernel-wise it is no longer a problem. But the Ubuntu 14.10 (Vivid Vervid) ISO does not contain a 32-bit bootloader. Luckily this can be easily fixed.

Get a bootia32.efi file, I used this one from John Wells. Copy the file into the EFI/BOOT/ folder on the boot medium.

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