Is it possible to include web shortcuts in the dock? LauncherFolders does that in Unity for Ubuntu. I like this possibility very much.

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If you're using Midori, you can easily create an App from a webpage (a web app).

Click on the "Settings" button (The Cog symbol in the menu bar) from Midori and select "Applications".

From here, you can create a "New App" from the current page.

This App will appear in the Applications menu, and you can right-click and "Add to Dock"


Another possibility: Webby

Works very similiar to the Midori Feature

  • For Firefox:

    You can use SaveLink add-on.


    Go to the web page you want to create shortcut, right click, click and select SaveLink


    Save the link to a particular folder and place the folder in dock.

    Note: Before that, make sure the file default application is a browser.
    For that, go to the folder, select the file --> right click --> open with --> other applications -->view applications --> select the default browser. (This has to be done for first time, from next time you can directly launch from dock )

    Alternatively you can use deskCut for this purpose, but its not working for me.

  • For chrome:

    Go to system settings --> More tools --> Add to desktop..

    Now you will see it in app menu,like:


    Now right click on it, add to dock.



google chrome has add to desktop feature in more tools.


Webby is my favorite application for "sites as applications". However, I find that is is slow and unresponsive on my Acer C720. I also am unable to download linked files with it. That being said, websites that render with Webby, look much cleaner than Google Chrome or Firefox. I am not sure what it is - maybe the fonts, maybe the css engine, but webby's web engine is beautiful.

For sites that I think I might want to navigate a lot, download stuff, or are resource intensive, I will use Google Chrome Apps. Midori is also acceptable.

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