I have installed elementary os from scratch. I have 4 monitors that I want to use as an extended desktop. These were not working by default so I installed an nvidia driver via "additional drivers".

The driver install seemed to work fine but now after a reboot I just get a black screen.

I'm new to elementary os and have only used Linux as a Web server prior to this.

How can I go about installing and getting multiple monitors working?



Use the following to get rid of the current nvidia driver

sudo apt purge nvidia*

after that add the current graphics repository by writing

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers

after that use

sudo apt update 

to make downloads from it possible.

To install the latest working driver use

sudo apt install nvidia-387

if it doesn't work you can open the root terminal at login using ctrl+alt+f2 and purge the nvidia driver once again to go back to the standard driver


You might find, depending on your hardware, that the displays panel in System Settings does not cope well with multiple monitors, especially if you periodically go about changing them as I do with a laptop (I have 3 different configurations that I work with). I found that installing ARandR was the best solution as it enables you to save the config and reload it later - you won't find it in the AppCentre but it's in the normal packages so sudo apt install arandr will work from the terminal.

One tip - don't expect to be able to move windows through the header bar (as you can on certain other OSes). Place your primary monitor (ie with the hearer bar) at the top of your window config.

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