I'm having a hard time starting with elementary OS.

After managing to install it from a USBKey (0.3.2 32bit version) on an old ACER AspireOne, erasing pre-existing system, I find myself unable to boot it. (I needed 3 attempts as I got twice a weird error of the installer being unable to write file, saying my hardrive must have a problem. In the end selecting the simplest options worked - no encryption, no update during install, no 3rd parties)

I first had to figure how to get a GRUB config (How can I fix a secure boot failing to grub when I installed 0.3.1?) but to no avail as I had no /boot/grub/grub.cfg file.

Booting from USB key and installing boot-repair helped me get a grub config (A fresh install boots to the grub command prompt). I now get a grub menu to choose from, but it unfortunately boots to a black screen. In desperation I've tried to add nomodeset to the command in grub (Black Screen after GRUB (Windows 8.1 dualboot)) but it didn't help.

Note that I have a weird message error: attempt to read or write outside of 'hd0' appearing before the grub menu and after the selection, just before the screen turn black.

I might be a bit unfortunate, but I was hopeful that choosing the simplest setup (full new install, single OS, no secure boot problem) would be straightforward.

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    hum, too bad nobody has a clue, I guess I'll need to wait for 0.4 to test it again...
    – coolnodje
    Commented Dec 18, 2015 at 8:46

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I have same issue because elementary os have little bug in installing grub without internet.

When i connect to internet and installing again grub install properly.

May you have same issue, try to install it with internet connection

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