I have a large folder of pdfs. Every time I open it with files it has to load these little preview icons which takes pretty much time. How can I disable this?


Pantheon-files uses a thumbnailer daemon called tumbler . You can disable generation of thumbnails for PDFs by opening a terminal and editing the config file.

sudo nano /etc/xdg/tumbler/tumbler.rc

Search for the section listed below-

# PDF/PS thumbnailer

Change Disabled=false to Disabled=true (Ctrl+O,Enter to save the file, Ctrl+X to exit nano)

Then reset your thumbnail cache with rm -r ~/.cache/thumbnails

Note: Rather than disabling thumbnails for all PDFs, you could set the Locations or MaxFileSize options to your liking. Unfortunately though, as far as I can tell the Locations setting only allows you to whitelist rather than blacklist folders.

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  • Thanks, it worked! Now it opens the folder much quicker! – spartakuskus Dec 13 '15 at 19:39
  • rm -r ~/.thumbnails it does not work in loki – vrcmr Jul 11 '17 at 9:30

Files also uses evince-thumbnailer. Need to disable both [PopplerThumbnailer] and [DesktopThumbnailer] from /etc/xdg/tumbler/tumbler.rc for disable pdf's. But it's disables more than just pdf's. To be specific, all thumbnailers under /usr/share/thumbnailers/ directory.


Or maybe you can try:

Erase application/pdf from /usr/share/thumbnailers/evince.thumbnailer MimeType key.

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