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I downloaded and installed Neatbeans 8.1 from the official site. Even if I tick Keep in Dock for the Netbeans icon, a new icon is generated every time I click on it. This new icon doesn't have the option to Keep in Dock, only Close.

I googled a bit and came to know about .desktop files in /usr/share/applications

However, there is no .desktop file for netbeans!


Update: I copied the .desktop file from ~/.local/share/applications to /usr/share/applications

I guess the only problem remaining is figuring out the WM_CLASS of Netbeans 8.1

But when I run this command:

xprop WM_CLASS

as suggested in the other question, it returns WM_CLASS: not found

So how to find that out?

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Try StartupWMClass=NetBeans IDE 8.1


  • short, precise but works =) – Ravan Dec 10 '15 at 10:12
  • Just to clarify this should be added on a new line in the netbeans .desktop file found in ~/.local/applications or /usr/share/applications – Chris Aug 5 at 6:51

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