I cannot see how to add a new user account in Elementary OS, despite having reviewed the system settings and options. Can anyone advise on the required steps please?

I already tried using the Guest account, but when logged in as Guest, the computer would not connect to the wifi network, plus I couldn't see how to permanently add Firefox to the Dock (since all changes are reversed, when logging out).

So, I need to create a new user.

Thanks in advance!

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Go to system settings --> user accounts --> unlock --> Click on + (at left bottom corner).

Then add details.




If you want to just add user the other procedure is enough.

If you need to add groups or add users to groups you can install the gnome-system-tools.

Install from software Center or with terminal command:

sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools

Open users & groups (gnome-system-tools) --> Add --> add details.




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