I'm facing an issue when I pull out the HDMI cable from my laptop. All the windows, panel at the top and panel at the bottom will not move to the laptop monitor once I pull out the HDMI cable. I have to restart my whole system in order to be able to work on just my laptop monitor.

Are there any fixes I can apply to prevent this from happening?


This sounds a lot like my question on how to reach windows that were left on a second screen, so maybe the same advice can help you:

  • Disable the second monitor in the settings, before pulling the HDMI-plug. This should force all windows to the first (primary) monitor.

  • By using SUPER+DOWN you maybe can view all the remaining workspaces and rearrange your windows, in case you forgot to disable the 2nd monitor as described above

  • Thx for your reply! I'll will try this out and see if that works. Nonetheless this is a bug I guess. – Kevinvhengst Nov 27 '15 at 12:17

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