I have logged into my gmail account from geary. When I tried to remove, I don't find any option to remove. I have only one account in geary.

How to remove user acount(s) from geary?

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The simple workaround for this is:

Removing the accounts in ~/.local/share/pantheon-mail

If you have only one account:

Open terminal and run-

rm -rf ~/.local/share/pantheon-mail/*

If you have more than one, Geary may provide option to delete the account. Because geary doesn't allow you to remove the final account.

If you don't have the option to remove,

cd ~/.local/share/pantheon-mail

Now identify the account you want to delete and run:

rm -rf account-name

Just tried this with the latest Geary, and you have to in effect remove two directories for it to work:

rm -rf ~/.local/share/geary/<account_name>


rm -rf ~/.config/geary/<account_name>

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