How do I enable Pantheon notifications (e.g. for a certain application)? By accident I removed the ability for notifications while using VLC (with dconf editor), and would like to know if I'm able to rectify the mistake.


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Enable notifications for VLC:

  1. Open menu Tools > Preferences.

    Screenshot of step 1

  2. Now, under Show settings, select the All radio button. Then, from the left sidebar, choose Control interfaces. There, check the LibNotify Notification Plugin checkbox, then click the Save button.

    Screenshot of step 2

  3. By default the notification appears for 4000 ms, i.e. 4 seconds. You can change this duration in the same preferences window, by selecting the Control interfaces > Notify option in the left sidebar.

  • Now you will see vlc option in system notification, there you can manage eneble/disable :) @hm27
    – Ravan
    Nov 22, 2015 at 4:21

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