Elementary OS detects OK the hdmi display (digital TV) connected to my laptop port, but when I select it to use, everything displays except the mouse pointer. So, I can't access any program. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Does the mouse pointer work on that display? i.e. if you hover somewhere can you see the effects? Open this page: jsfiddle.net/zj3zcffs and hover over the bottom right box. It should turn yellow. – user3 Nov 22 '15 at 15:53
  • Tim: Thanks for answering. When I'm using the external display the only thing that shows is the background image of my laptop. I can't open a browser window since there is no mouse pointer to hover over. – William Pabón Nov 23 '15 at 15:45
  • Little correction to above: "... the only thing that shows is the background image and the app launcher at the bottom of my laptop." Sorry. – William Pabón Nov 23 '15 at 15:55
  • Can you drag a window from your internal display? – user3 Nov 23 '15 at 16:52
  • Tim: Yes! I can drag any window from the laptop display to the external display and the mouse follows. Now, will there be an option that, when I choose the external display all the stuff moves to the external display? Tried mirroring, but it didn't do it. Thanks again for your help. – William Pabón Nov 24 '15 at 1:17

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