As i said in the title, i can't wake my laptop from sleep. All i after waking up the pc is a black screen with "_" not even blinking, but just static. When i try to press "CTRL + ALT + F1" the login screen appears in tty1, but the pc is stuck, and i can't even get again in the graphic session by pressing "CTRL + ALT + F7". The only solution i have is to shutdown the pc and boot again, loosing all the work i was doing. I'm using nvidia 535 drivers, i've also tried the 525, but nothing changes.

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Easiest solution is to use open source drivers nouveau and don't use NVIDIA proprietary drivers if you want the sleep option. If you want to keep both, you can look up for how to do it as I have seen people configuring systemd a lot just to achieve both.

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