I'm on Elementary OS 7 (Horus). The last few days the default Task app (io.elementary.tasks) keeps opening/starting on startup. If I remove is from the startup applications (in settings -> applications), it re-appears on next boot.

Today I tried to uninstall, but I can't using the AppCenter (it keeps being in an installed state). I don't mind the app being there as long as it doesn't bother me. And since I don't use it, it bothers me by starting and showing up after I log in.

Right now I just renamed the executable:

sudo mv /usr/bin/io.elementary.tasks /usr/bin/io.elementary.taskz

But is there a better way of removing the app on startup or uninstalling? That this happens is probably a bug, I guess.


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You can also check these two folders as they contain autostart items:

  • ~/.config/autostart
  • /etc/xdg/autostart

If you find io.elementary.tasks.desktop file there either rename it or delete it.

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