Touch screen single figure or double finger gestures on inside specific window affect whole desktop.

Still 1 image. Single finger gesture stroke on specific window. I want this to scroll the contents inside the window. 2 fingers would be fine as well. But neither works:

single finger gesture

Still 2 image and that gesture results in a bird eye view zoom out of all windows. I don't want that, my finger is on a specific window.

zoom out which I don't want following single finger gesture

Panasonic FZ-G1 MkIII touchscreen.

In System Settings for Mouse & Touch there are only 3 settings and they are all for either 3 or more fingers, not for 2 and none for whole desktop gestures.



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I just upgraded and got the same issue. I worked around the issue by disabling the touchegg daemon from ever starting.

You can create the /etc/systemd/system/touchegg.service.d/override.conf file as follow, then reboot:



XDG will still autostart a touchegg client, but without the daemon it won't cause wreakage and let us use out touchscreen properly.

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