Google has disabled their less safe apps option and almost all mail clients need to open oauth2 popup in order to get the key for specific account. So, any help with this? I just want to hook up my GMail account to elementary 6.1 and it fails.

  • If you enable 2-factor-authentication (2FA), you can generate a per-app password for Mail. I just tried after a fresh install of OS 7 and it works ok.
    – jena
    May 12, 2023 at 10:38

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There's no any option, rather than to use some different software for your email & calendar, rather than default "Mail" and "Calendar" Elementary apps.

Or to wait until https://github.com/elementary/portals/issues/19 is done.

See the full thread here - https://github.com/elementary/mail/issues/789


This problem was frustrating but, luckily, I came across this solution. Here is the gist:

  1. From a terminal, update apt (to make sure the package list is up to date):
    sudo apt update 
  2. Install the Gnome Control Center and Online Accounts packages:
    sudo apt install gnome-control-center gnome-online-accounts
  3. Enter the following command into the terminal to open Gnome Control Center with some additional flags:
    Exec=env XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=GNOME gnome-control-center –overview
  4. From the left-side list, select "Online Accounts"
  5. Add any additional accounts you may want

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