I have a problem with VMware Horizon client v2203 on ElementaryOS 6.1

The client installs fine with absolutely no errors but when I click on the launch icon it just exits the app before even raising a window for it.

Reinstallation, reboot didn't help and there is literally no info about any similar issues by anyone else.

Any advice is appreciated, other than what I have already tried and mentioned above.



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After installing it indeed, the window does not open. Trying to run it form the Terminal gives us some nice clues: enter image description here

And the issue seems to be pretty common with many distros. In short, uncomment the #session required pam_loginuid.so line in /etc/pam.d/lightdm (or /etc/pam/lightdm-autologin if you use autologin). After a restart, the application launches normally (seems to not like dark mode too well though...)

enter image description here

More info on this here, credit to the wonderful person who figured it all out.

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