I have a new pro laptop and wanted to use it for pro and personal task.
I already have previous configurations on 2 old laptops. So I decided to install a fresh elementary on the new laptop, create 2 users julien (personal) and jch (pro), and then copy the content of my previous /home/julien directories (not all directories, I have removed old, not used directory) to the new homes :

  • /home/julien (pro laptop) to /home/jch
  • /home/julien (personal laptop) to /home/julien

As I have a lot of file that I have to access from each profiles I set the same user id 1000, /etc/passwd :

julien:x:1000:1000:Julien Chanséaume,,,:/home/julien:/usr/bin/zsh

It has worked correctly, I don't remember when it started to fail, maybe when I restart the laptop or update the system.

But now I have 2 users in greeter that have the same picture / name, and it points to the same user julien. in account setting I have only one user (julien)

How can I fix this issue and set correctly the list of user. how greeter or AccountService get the user list and params. where is it store ?

Thanks Julien


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