I have an old laptop here (HP ProBook from 2014) and have been using ElementaryOS on it since I bought it. Today I installed EOS 6.1 on it. I had a couple of problems during installation (used custom partitions and forgot the /boot partition), but now I have a running system. However, the built-in wifi does not work. It does not show up in the network settings, only ethernet, vpn, proxy. I tried with my wifi usb stick and that worked out of the box. But I need that for my computer, so the laptop has to use its own wifi card. It did work before with EOS Hera 5.1.

A couple of random pieces of information:

It's not a dual boot. It's UEFI.

Before I used only one partition, this time I wanted to separate data from OS, so I put /home on its own partition.

The built-in wifi card is a Broadcom BCM43228. Kernel module is "bcma".

I ran apt update and apt dist-upgrade already and restarted after that. No change.

I followed some tutorials on the internet and they suggested to install additional drivers (bwml-source something). I did that and during installation they did a modprobe and told me "module wl not found".

rfkill list all returns nothing.

Any ideas? I thought hardware support would be no problem on such an old, but not ancient machine...

Update August 2023:

This problem is still persistent (I recently tried it again). Newer ElementaryOS distributions seem to have a lot of strange problems with wifi connections.


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