How can I remove icons from the applications folder in Elementary OS6? I've tried AppEditor and nothing seems to be working.

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Application icon is stored in /usr/share/applications/, you can change or delete the icon you want.

  • How do I find that? I can’t locate that. Is it accessed through terminal? Please advise.
    – mr.mark
    Jan 28 at 19:31
  • you can drag the application icon from the applications menu to the terminal to get the icon location, and add adelete command, like sudo rm '/usr/share/applications/io.elementary.code.desktop' Jan 29 at 5:42
  • sudo rm '/home/markvprzystawskisr/.local/share/applications/wine/Programs/iTunes/About iTunes.desktop' try one by one Jan 29 at 16:50
  • I appreciate the help. I guess it’s not a good idea to install Wine on Elementary OS with a Windows version of iTunes. It basically corrupted the whole computer and I ended up having to start from scratch. If the folks at Elementary say not to install something don’t!
    – mr.mark
    Jan 31 at 4:53

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