I cannot for the life of me successfully sync my Google Calendar with the elementary Calendar app. I use 2FA so understand I will need to use an App Password. But, there are so many URLs in the Google Calendar settings and I am unsure where to put one of these when setting up the account in elementary OS. I am a little overwhelmed. If anyone can shed any light on the matter it would be much appreciated.

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I just did it now. I also have 2FA.

  1. Generate an app password for the calendar in your google account.
  2. Open Maya (elementary Calendar) and add new google calendar from the cog menu (top right).
  3. Fill in your gmail in the "user account" field and confirm.
  4. A dialog pops up asking for password. Insert the app password created in step 1.

Done. After this I could see my events showing up in the callendar.


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