I'd like to add O365 shortcuts to my dock. I can do this in Chrome but it just opens regular chrome. I'm sure I was previously able to open a contained webapp once upon a time without the location bar and other "general" web browsing stuff.

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It's no longer supported since Elementary switched from a system Epiphany to a flatpak version of Epiphany, which has never supported web apps. Sorry.

There is good news: there is some work in progress to add web app support for the flatpaked Epiphany. So it should hopefully be possible again in the future.

  • Thanks for the explanation. Yet another reason web support isn't where it needs to be on eOS. I guess I'll switch to chrome...again.
    – davbren
    Jan 12, 2022 at 9:27

I just remove flatpack version of epiphany:

flatpak remove epiphany

and install the repository version with:

apt install epiphany-browser

Now I have again web apps. Also my gtk theme is now recognized, that is a big plus :)

Thanks to @MichaelC answer, I now understand why some apps don't take my personal gtk theme.


If the flatpak application does not apply your theme, you can create a ".themes" folder in the "home" folder. Move your theme there)


Although it is not in AppCenter anymore, Webpin can still be installed in elementaryOS 6.1 (and mostly likely 7.x, too), using the build instructions from the GitHub project page.

You will probably want to install elementary-sdk from the system package manager, so that you're sure to have all the build toolchain stuff you need to build it from source.

I myself use Webpin to wrap Google Calendar, Outlook mail, and a half-dozen other sites and services, and it works fine. As someone who has used Fluid.app on macOS for years, and has tried every "site-specific browser" option on Linux since Prism, I'm happy to say Webpin is one that pretty much gets it right.

The only downside is it (currently) lacks the ability to clear cookies and other site-specific storage on demand, and its cookie store is shared among all instances. This means that you can't, for example, have personal and uni/work Outlook accounts pinned as separate apps.

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