I try elementaryos-6.1 to install Vmware Workstation Pro 16.2. But at first,elementaryos installer say "boot status daemon failed".So instalation stop 70% configured status.How do I set up elementaryos?

Hardware:DELL G5000 C: 1T D: 2T SSD Vmware Workstation configure: 1.Type Linux (Ubuntu 64bit) 2.Boot from EFI (Bios can not use,Beacuse installer screen are cut) 3.ISO Image boot and install.elementaryos-6.1-stable.20211218-rc.isoenter image description here

  • T forget the message.Boot "error: Unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon" What is this?
    – atsushi
    Jan 7, 2022 at 12:11

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I solve it and installed. All Language and Keybord choice default US English. Elementaryos-6.1 was finished to configure system setting. Then I choose and setting Japanese locale, my profile. It's OK.

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