Does anybody can tell me how to add a button to call open_file_dialog on GTK Header bar? i did it in appmenu with,

$.activate.connect(() =>{ this.dialog_openFile(); });

but this way dont works on a simple call in headerbar,

i'm a newbie, learning about GTK and Granit.


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Ok. First, you'll need a header bar and add a button to it.

private void create_headerbar () {
    var headerbar = new Gtk.HeaderBar ();

    var button = new Gtk.Button.from_icon_name ("document-open",

    button.clicked.connect (() => {

    headerbar.pack_start (button);
    window.set_titlebar (headerbar);

The window at the end is a Gtk.Window I've declared elsewhere.

That show_file_dialog() method is the one that will show the dialog. It's declared next:

private void show_file_dialog(){
    var dialog = new Gtk.FileChooserDialog ("Open File",

    var response = dialog.run();

    if (response == Gtk.ResponseType.ACCEPT) {
        string filename = dialog.get_filename();

        //now do something with the filename
    dialog.dispose(); //no need for the dialog to be around anymore

I think this is a good starting point. You'll need to adapt it for your needs like changing the methods' signatures and so...

"Works on my machine"™

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