I've just install elementary Odin on my laptop for the second time. Each time everythings is working well, internet (wifi and ethernet) is working smoothly. But for the second time 24-48h hours after elementary install, I have no more internet :

  • Wifi is activate and connected
  • Ethernet works
  • but not internet connection when I ping google.com or try to open Firefox, neither when I tried upgrade or update.

I didn't change any network configuration this elementary install. I've tried several possibilities : restart network manager (don't work), re-install elementary (works for some times), and I don't see how to diagnosis this problem. I've checked network manager, hardware configuration and material. Can somebody help me to diagnos and correct my problem ?


  • Could you post the Terminal output of the following commands: (1) sudo lshw -c network (2) sudo lspci. This will show hardware-specific information about your computer. Does the network connection drop after the computer sleeps?
    – matigo
    Commented Nov 22, 2021 at 10:01

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Found a solution to my own problem with a friend's help, seems to be a DNS configuration anomaly. Ping works so I had "nameserver" in /etc/resolve.conf file and set ipv4 Method to "automatic address only (DHCP)".

But still, I don't understand why this append and I'm not sure this solution is stable or the best one.

Can somebody tell me what would be the more stable and best solution ?

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