I have Elementary OS 6 Odin installed on a laptop that can triple boot Windows, Elementary and Zorin OS. When I try to update it from the ApppCenter, I get this message (can't install any software too):

enter image description here

Error while installing package: installed org.gnome.fileroller package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

At the terminal, I get this after sudo apt update

8 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.

W: mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/focal-updates/InRelease: No system certificates available. Try installing ca-certificates.

W: https://la.mirrors.clouvider.net/ubuntu/dists/focal-updates/main/binary-amd64/by-hash/SHA256/43ee4298b0875017554ed312414449b7e8cfa6055a0e47cef9da74350bf9355d: No system certificates available. Try installing ca-certificates.

W: https://mirrors.bloomu.edu/ubuntu/dists/focal-updates/universe/dep11/by-hash/SHA256/fc3d0692ad719efd35181078eabd24df193ee3834ec04cca52593b550a9917bd: No system certificates available. Try installing ca-certificates.

Update 1:

After sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates, this came out.

These are my certificates from ls -l /etc/ssl/certs.

  • Have you tried re-installing ca-certificates from the Terminal? sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates. If this doesn't work, could you edit your question to include the Terminal output of: ls -l /etc/ssl/certs? This will show which certificate files are on your machine (to identify which ones are not) 👍🏻
    – matigo
    Nov 16 '21 at 5:14

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