In previous version of "elementary OS" there was the possibility to launch the installation of the OS from the terminal with the command "ubiquity -b". The "-b" option avoided the installation of the GRUB boot-loader. As far as I understood elementary OS 6 does not use "ubiquity" installer anymore but uses the "io.elementary.installer" installer. Does anyone know if there is an option to launch this installer avoiding the installation of the GRUB boot-loader? Or is there any other way to avoid this installation? I am asking because I am trying to install elemetary OS on my old macbook, where I have installed "rEFInd".

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I opened a terminal console and ran: sudo apt install ubiquiti Then: ubiquity -b I managed to run the installation and was able to boot it but it throws a problem with the password. It does not recognize the password, even though it is typed correctly. I guess it must be because I used ubiquiti as installer.

If someone knows what is the modifier of io.elementary.installer to install it without the bootloader would be very useful.

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