The proprietary Nvidia driver has had experimental support for KMS for a while now, which can be enabled with the nvidia-drm.modeset=1 kernel parameter.

I have previously tested this with Fedora 35 and driver version 495.44 on my system, and it seems to work perfectly fine: graphical splash screen, flicker-free booting, all the nice stuff.

On my Odin install, I've installed the 495.44 driver via AppCenter, added the kernel parameter to /etc/default/grub, ran update-grub2, and confirmed the parameter is added to my bootline in the grub menu.

However, nothing seems to change about the boot process. I still get a text-only boot, and my display awkwardly flickers on and off four times or so before the display manager loads, along with a lot of other jank that seems to have started with 6.0 (errors at boot/shutdown, always showing the grub menu. etc).

Is enabling KMS like this possible on Odin or is there some underlying technical reason it's unsupported inherited from Ubuntu?

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