If you get this error with hp-setup?!

warning: elementary distro is not found in AUTH_TYPES

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    Oct 28, 2021 at 14:47

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#1. Install "sudo apt install hplip" (also you can install also hplip-gui to get gui for installation, not just terminal) i do preffer just terminal install

#2. download latest .run and .asc files (I have installed: hplip-3.20.3-plugin.run, hplip-3.20.3-plugin.run.asc) from here >> HP developers site

#3. start from terminal sudo hp-setup -i, select 0 for usb, 1 for network

instead of D as download (you will get error), use P as path and enter your download directory of two previous files .acs and run, example: /home/your_username/Download

That's all, you can now print with HP, also you can find hplip toolbox manager in ElemetaryOS menu.

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