I had been starting to use elementary OS 6 lately (switched from Pop OS), I installed the flatpak of Neovim version 0.5.0 from flathub like I did successfully with other few apps and it doesn't work, I didn't succeed to find any tutorial or explain to that topic.

  • I checked in the terminal with the command:
flatpak list

and saw that Neovim is appeared enter image description here

  • I also checked at ~/.var/app/io.neovim.nvim:
ls -lah ~/.var/app/io.neovim.nvim

enter image description here

tree ~/.var/app/io.neovim.nvim

enter image description here

Please, someone know what's the problem and how to fix it?

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If the Neovim application is not starting, then there is likely a missing dependency that needs to be installed on your computer.

Here is how you can find out the problem:

  1. Open Terminal (if it's not already open)

  2. Check your syslog file for errors:

    sudo vi /var/log/syslog 

    Note: Feel free to use a different editor. The use of vi here is more muscle memory than an explicit recommendation.

    You can quickly scroll to the end of the file by pressing : followed by $.

  3. Look for a message that reads:

    io.elementary.wingpanel.desktop[<pid>]: sh: 1: exec: xterm: not found 

    Terminal — Syslog

  4. Add the missing package via apt:

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install xterm 
  5. Launch Neovim as usual: Launch Neovim

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