Abstract: LowDPI/HiDPI is saved per monitor configuration, but font size is shared for all configurations?

I have two different monitor configs:

  • at home I have single HiDPI DELL 25" U-series
  • at work I have two 1980x1080 24" DELLs

At home I use 2x Scale which is set in Display Settings UI and then preserved in ~/.config/monitors.xml in separate configuration section.

LowDPI/HiDPI is saved per monitor configuration

At work configuration it is more comfortable to use 1x Scale - it is saved in another configuration section of monitors.xml.

And there is another setting - "Font size" which I need to switch every time at start my home/work sessions. At home I setup "small font size" and at work - "larger".

Font size is shared for all configurations

Would you please tell me is there any opportunity to automatically switch the "Font size". Why it is not saved per configuration together with scale property?

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